A Letter from the Editors: (online media)


Asha Waters and Hannah Zagar

From best friends to editors. We began our yearbook journey four years ago as two eager, wide-eyed freshmen with a passion for journalism. Fast forward four years and now we are currently seniors beginning a new journey as editors-in-chief of the Patriot Pages. We are so excited to begin our new trek into the world of online media. Since this is a new extension of The Liberator we have the opportunity as its first editors to get in on the ground floor and build up. Naturally, we have high expectations for this online editorial; our books have won many awards over the years, and we hope to do the same with the Patriot Pages. We have an excellent staff working with us and know this year will be filled with both great memories and great stories. We hope you enjoy the Patriot Pages as much as we do!



Asha & Hannah