Orchestrating a Change


Chloe Fair

Katie Rolin, Staff Member

This year, Ariana Mendez, a junior, is starting from scratch. Over the summer, Mendez moved from Houston, Texas, to Pace, Florida, due to her father being re-stationed as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard. “It was quite an emotional ride having to be physically isolated from all of my family and friends,” Mendez said. The transition was a little rough for Mendez, but one of the ways she reduces her stress and spends time to herself is through music.  She has always had a special bond with music, but it wasn’t until she picked up a few instruments that Mendez truly discovered her love for the art.  She has played the piano since the age of five but has been a tiny bit inconsistent in practicing. Her main focus though, is developing her violin skills. A friend had to convince her to try out the violin, but she ended up falling in love with the instrument.

Mendez has now been playing the violin for five years. “I enjoy the violin the most because every violinist has their own unique style of playing which makes it really interesting and makes me want to practice more to further my own technique,” Mendez said. Mendez is hoping to join a local orchestra soon to help make new friends and to continue practicing the instrument that she adores. “I want to improve and continue doing something that I have a passion for,” Mendez said. Mendez is continuing to make new friends by playing the violin and participating in academics. “I have found the positive side of moving by learning about different places and making new friends,” Mendez said. It appears that Ariana Mendez is succeeding at slipping into her new, small-town life.