People of Pace: Austin Green


Hannah Zagar

Madison Fendley, Staff Member

Austin Green is a junior at Pace this year. He is involved in Mrs. Lisa Taylor’s leadership class, choir, and enjoys participating in the youth group at Hillcrest. Anyone who has met him knows that he is paralyzed, but there’s much more that not everyone would know by just seeing him in the halls at school. Green said, “I was born with spina bifida. It’s a condition that occurs in one out of one-thousand births.” Despite his multiple surgeries, Green said, “It has been challenging, but I try not to let it stop me from doing stuff I love to do.”  Many students who often see him at sporting events, especially football, throughout the year will also agree that nothing can stop him from being there to support our school. He is always involved during Homecoming Week and is always up front at pep rallies and during games cheering on our teams. “I love encouraging people and making people laugh. It makes me feel good about myself that I get to impact someone’s life,” said Green.

Austin has shared his journey with fellow students at First Priority the past two years and is part of First Priority leadership this year allowing him to reach out to share his encouraging story with even more students. Green said, “The two things that keep me going are laughing with friends and my faith in God!” Many other students could say that the same things keep them going every day, but not everyone is willing to share it. It will most likely only be one in one-thousand who has enough strength to stand out and be the one to share what they use to stay encouraged no matter what challenges they may face.