Teacher Throwback: Melissa Cunningham

Katie Rolin, Marketing

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Melissa Cunningham is currently an English teacher here at Pace, but what many of her students don’t know is that only five short years ago she was a Pace High School student herself. As a student, Cunningham managed to stay on top of her grades as well as be involved in some extracurricular activities. In fact, in her senior year she was the Editor in Chief of the 2013 Liberator. Many of her memories were made in the yearbook room. “My most memorable high school memory would be the moment at the end of my senior year when I got to see the yearbook I created for the first time, and then when I got to share it with the student body,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham, like many of her fellow Pace High alumni, reflects on her high school career often, and most of her favorite moments come from Homecoming Week. During this week of school spirit, she enjoyed spending time doing fun activities with friends. “I loved being a part of the hallway decorating contest. It was always fun to stay up at the school late and transform the hallway into something creative. I also loved going to the bonfire to hang out with friends. There was always a great sense of camaraderie during homecoming week, so I think that’s what made those times so wonderful,” Cunningham said.  Cunningham truly enjoyed her time here at Pace, and she is happy that she could help secure her peer’s memories forever. “I loved being able to preserve the memories of the year for everyone to have as we all went our separate ways,” Cunningham said.