School Rushing Record Shattered


Amirath Norton

Damean Bivins carries the ball during the Milton game. Bivins ended the night with 236 yards in 36 rushes.

Caleb Confusione, Staffer

Going into this football season, we all knew Damean Bivins would be a standout running back. We all knew he would put up phenomenal numbers, execute at every game, and lead his team in a mature and respectable fashion. However, breaking Pace High’s all-time rushing record is something that not many people saw coming: even Bivins himself.

Prior to the Pace and Milton rivalry game on Friday, October 26th, Bivins only needed eight yards to break Anthony Johnson’s all time school rushing record. With the achievement of setting such a significant record staring Bivins in the face, it could have easily been a distraction from the goals the team shared as a whole. However, Bivins kept his mind focused on the greater good of the football program. “It was always a goal in the back of my head,” says Bivins of breaking the record, “But this is mostly about my teammates and making it to the playoffs.”

Although his sights are set on taking his team deep into the playoffs, Bivins did speak to his excitement of breaking the record of his former teammate and role model, Anthony Johnson. “It’s unbelieveable. He’s such a great back, and I can’t believe I broke his record,” said Bivins. Johnson was definitely someone Bivins looked up to as a football player and someone who helped shape Bivins’ competitive edge.

Bivins also gave much of the credit of his broken record to the people always pushing and encouraging him. “It’s my coaches and my teammates that keep me striving. My family gives me all the support in the world,” claimed Bivins. Without a strong surrounding cast, setting a new record would have been nearly impossible for Bivins. His loyal supporters were a major influence on his passion to strive for greatness.

Bivins will go down in as one of the best running backs to ever walk the halls of Pace High School. With ownership of arguably the most noteworthy football record at Pace, future students will continue to see his name and be reminded of his raw talent on the field. However, Bivins seems to have much bigger things in mind for his team; we’ll all be eagerly watching to see what he does next.