Teacher Throwback: Joy Owens

Katie Rolin, Marketing

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Joy Owens teaches students the art of cooking and baking. Before she started teaching, she was a student at Pace High in 1995. Owens was very involved during all of her high school years, but her senior year was one of the most eventful. She was the student body president and she was even named female class favorite. “My most meaningful moment of my senior year was being SGA president and the memories that I made through that experience,” Owens said.  

Joy Owens has seen many Homecomings come and go, but memories of her own Homecomings will never fade. “I remember getting together with friends and making decorations or going over to someone’s house and making the class float,” Owens said. Throughout the years, Owens has noticed a decline in class participation. “Students were a lot more involved, and it’s sad to me that you don’t see as much involvement. In my opinion, fewer and fewer students take the opportunity to get involved, and I think that it’s such a sad thing to see,” Owens said. Even though some students can lack in participation, they always make up for it in school spirit. Whether it’s at a pep rally or a football game the Pace Patriots will never stop cheering on their team!