People of Pace: Hope Zagar


Hannah Zagar, Editor in Chief of Online Media

Five out of eleven athletes play on the basketball court at one time. The game starts with a jump ball when the center tips the basketball to the point guard, and the game begins, which is executed by post, Hope Zagar. “I first started playing basketball because I love the competition and it gives me something to look forward to,” Zagar said. Basketball became a part of Zagar’s life when she was in sixth grade; like all sports it was hard at first, but after years of hard work the effort was noticeable to her coaches. “Coach Tim Michael was my first coach and had a huge impact on me, and shortly after I became good friends with his daughter, Makayla; who I call M&M,” Zagar said. Michael has been a role model of Zagar’s for several years now and taught her a lot of what she knows. Playing with older girls pushes her to work as hard as them and keep up with players who continue to inspire her.

The summer before high school she realized how close a team could be. They spent all summer together training and conditioning. The practices went all through June and in July the participated in an FSU basketball camp. “I feel like I improved a lot in the past two years, I’ve had several different coaches and they all taught me something new,” Zagar said. Skill and competition are not the only things leading her to basketball but her height as well –  being 5’ 10” as a freshman draws lot of people to assuming she is a basketball player. “I’m taller than a lot of my family even though I’m the youngest; being tall helps when I play basketball with people who are older than me,” Zagar said. Excited for the upcoming season, Zagar plans to stick with her sport throughout her high school career and possibly onto college.