People of Pace: Keith Reynolds


Madison Snowden, Staff Member

Ever since first grade, Keith Reynolds has been a member of the Boy Scouts. From community service to camping, Reynolds has done it all. During his time at SS. Dixon Intermediate, Reynolds got inspired to join the local Scouts in his area. When he reached middle school, he joined the Boy Scouts of America, which he is still a part of today. “We meet once a week and most of the activities I do consist of community service and camp outs,” Reynolds said.

Throughout the years, Reynolds has helped with many community service projects such as “Farm to City,” and has even gone camping at the Mariana Caverns. “At Farm to City, we went to a farm and collected the local produce and the weekend after we handed it out to people who were homeless or had low income. The Mariana Cavern trip was my favorite because I had never been there before, and I thought it was really cool,” Reynolds said. This being his senior year, Reynolds has had to learn how to balance Scouts with dual enrollment and high school life. “Being a part of Boy Scouts helps make me a better citizen by being invested in the community and helping people in need,” Reynolds said.