Superman Fights Back

Mr. Walther returns after battling brain cancer.

Cassi Bennett, Copy Editor

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At 5:30 a.m. on Monday morning, the hallways were empty as students just began to awake to the start of a new week. For Mr. David Walther, however, the vacant school halls became a race track for his triumphant return. Just as he had always done, Mr. Walther arrived extra early on his first day back to continue his normal workout routine at the high school. This everyday occurrence demonstrates the dedication that the community, and even his students, have seen throughout his whole journey.

Three months ago, Mr. Walther was enjoying his time in the Grand Canyon when he began experiencing extreme pain in his head which required him to return home. Upon receiving results from a CAT scan, it was discovered that he had a cancerous brain tumor which would require surgery to remove.

Because of his many years of teaching at Pace, it was simple for the community to step up and show their support. His daughters started a Facebook grouup, Walther’s Warriors, where people could connect to follow Mr.  Walther’s journey. School clubs began to raise money, a GoFundMe was generated by Student Government, and a schedule of meals were provided to ease the burden on him and his family. After all, it was the least that could be done to return Mr. Walther’s complete dedication and humble nature in the Pace community. “He is such a great teacher and he never fails to make the classroom experience fun. We were all so sad when he had to leave because we had him for only two weeks. He has made such a huge impact on so many people, so I’m very glad that he has returned,” Kaitlyn McDole said.

As for Mr. Walther, his return has been smooth and refreshing. “It felt good to actually be able to be back because I had to get better before I could return,” Walther said. As so many have realized, the Pace community is one of love and care for those who have given so much, and the same is true for Walther. “I have learned how amazing it is that so many people are willing to be there and show their support,” Walther said.


For updates on Mr. Walther follow the Walther’s Warriors campaign on Facebook.