People of Pace: Natalie Lugo


Madison Snowden, Staff Member

Natalie Lugo is a freshman at Pace this year. The military child has moved all over the country from California to Virginia. She has lived in Pace a total of two times and has come back to start her freshman year. When finding her place in the school, she has found a home on the wrestling team. “My brother inspired me to start wrestling because he used to wrestle for Pace, and he even placed at districts,” Lugo said. Throughout the years, wrestling has become more and more popular with girls. The sport may consist mostly of boys, but a few daring girls have decided to give it a try. “I think being one of the only girls on the team makes it more interesting. The boys are also really funny,” Lugo said.

The sport is a lot harder than it seems. The athletes follow a very strict schedule which includes showing up to practice every day of the week and making sure that they maintain a certain weight. “It’s difficult not being able to eat candy or cake, but you just have to push through, because it will all be worth it in the end,” Lugo said. Besides a healthy diet, practice can also be very physically demanding. “You have to be able to touch sweat and blood, and you have to show up every day. It’s definitely not for everyone,” Lugo said. Now with the season starting, Lugo looks forward to competing in the matches and learning as much as she can. “I want to see how this season goes before I decide if I want to wrestle all four years,” Lugo said.