Colder Weather

Emory Schneider, Staff Member

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In Florida, especially Pace, Florida, the weather is always super-hot and humid. Recently we have gotten a cold front and the weather has been mid 30’s to mid-40’s. People either love the weather or hate it. It is a time to bring out your cute sweaters, knee high boots, and big fluffy coats. When cold weather comes it is normally getting close to Christmas which means quality family time, Christmas, and a brand-new year. Cold weather symbolizes a time for hearts to warm as they grow closer to their family. However, the people who don’t like the cold weather, get to pull out their heated blankets and snuggle their dogs. For Pace, cold weather is very irregular, so when we get a light breeze everyone brings out their coats and sweaters. There are a lot of traditions when cold weather starts, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc…

A majority of the people say winter is their favorite season. Cameron Goodnow, Katelyn Skaggs, and Ally Morris all said they love the cold weather. “I get to wear hoodies,” Goodnow said. “Getting to dress warm and being cozy is my favorite part, also drinking hot chocolate,” Skaggs said. “My acne fades,” Morris said. These people all love the cold weather for many different reasons. In my opinion, cold weather is so rare in Pace, Florida, that even when we get a slight breeze, I pull out my jackets, sweaters, and boots. Cold weather is a start of celebration of the new year, Christmas time, and quality family time.