Christmas Traditions


Alyssa Leanza, Staff Member

Every year around December families come together to celebrate the past year. Either it was the best year of their life or the worst one yet. Even after all the ups and downs, Christmas is something so magical that brings together loved ones to celebrate with one another. What comes with Christmas, are Christmas traditions. Families everywhere believe different stories and do quirky things to prepare for the special day on December 25th.  Our peers at Pace High School get ready in many ways. One of our own, Lauren Bolton said, “My family is from Germany, so we open presents on Christmas Eve at my grandma’s house. Then, on Christmas morning we open ‘Santa’ gifts in Christmas pajamas.” Many families put up Christmas trees and decorate it with ornaments. Such as the Colony family, “We pick names for each other, and then go to Hobby Lobby to choose an ornament that represents that person,” Bailey Colony said. Other families decorate gingerbread houses or watch Christmas movies. Makayla Michael said, “Every year on Christmas Eve we watch Nightmare Before Christmas.” Outside of the normal activity, Grace Hadder and her family take the extreme route. “We all take the polar plunge together on Christmas,” Hadder said. There are so many different Christmas traditions families do every year to bring them closer or to have good laugh.

Continuing old traditions or making new ones is always fun to do at Christmas time. There is so much joy that circles around this time of year; traditions help spread that joy by bonding families. From opening gifts, decorating the tree, or jumping into unknown cold water, there is something special to everyone this time of year.