Field of Dreams

Brandon Sproat is headed to the big leagues.


Tayler Beckstrom

Brandon Sproat pitches in a game against Catholic.

Asha Waters and Cassi Bennett

Brandon Sproat began his baseball journey at an early age. At the tender age of five, Sproat discovered his passion for the game as a member of Pace Stars tee-ball team. “We dominated every team we played,” Sproat said. He has been throwing all kinds of curve balls ever since. Fast forward to his high school career and he is leading the team as a star pitcher. “Leadership is a huge part of a team. Every team needs a leader to keep their team positive and upbeat, and I think I do that pretty well,” Sproat said. His peak fastball of 94 miles per hour gets him a strikeout almost every time. Sproat’s role as a successful pitcher has allowed him to make many high school memories. “I made a ton of memories with my brothers,” Sproat said. Not only has pitching allowed him to create priceless memories, it has also given him once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to play after high school. Scouts from various college and major league baseball teams have gathered at Sproat’s games to see how far his talent has grown. “I try not to focus on the scouts. I went to a camp called East Coast Pro over the summer, and saw hundreds of radar guns go up at once,” Sproat said. Through the stress of the recruitment process, Sproat has managed to get signed to one of the top schools in the state of Florida and his number one choice, University of Florida. “I am really humbled to be able to have a baseball scholarship,” Sproat said. After his high school season, Sproat plans to continue his dream as a college baseball player at a division one school. “After high school I want to hopefully get drafted and play professional baseball,” Sproat said.