Baby Got Hops

Jumping into senior season


Madison Fendley

Sean Donaldson participates in the long jump event at a home track meet.

Tayler Beckstrom and Hannah Zagar

The greatest victories do not come without struggle. In a highly competitive sport with numerous athletes, track team members put countless hours of dedication into their event. For athlete Sean Donaldson, this holds true. “Traveling to different meets and seeing other athletes compared to me makes me work harder,” Donaldson said. Donaldson’s inspiration was his older brother who was a four year track member. “I joined track to stay conditioned for football and because my brother did it, I chose which events I did because of my him as well,” Donaldson said. Donaldson competes in two events, the high jump and triple jump. He holds a personal record of five feet six inches for the high jump, and a record of thirty three feet five inches for the triple jump. “I drink a Bang to give me energy, so I can jump my highest point,” Donaldson said. The athletes trained with their coaches individually. The most important part of triple jump and high jump is making sure you have your form down perfect. “I train by making sure my steps are down, and I do box jumps to work on my form,” Donaldson said. With all these athletes competing in several sports, they are faced with many injuries. “ The hardest part of doing all the jumping events is that I get very bad shin splints,” Donaldson said. Although the injuries are excruciating, the good by far outweighs the bad. These athletes are given traveling opportunities, good friendships, and even though he does not have football to prepare for; this sport keeps Donaldson in shape. “My senior year is different because a lot of my jumping friends graduated the past years,” Donaldson said.