Track Meet

Caleb Confusione, Staffer

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When a school athletic record is broken, it is a truly astounding accomplishment that is celebrated by the athlete, their coaches, and their teammates. It is a feat that does not occur often, and it brings a sense of astonishment to students and people in the community. However, when three school records are broken on the same day, some of us may not understand just how to react. It is such a rarity that it leaves us questioning how such an event is even in the realm of possibility. On March 12th, 2019, this unthinkable event happened, leaving many spectators in shock.

One of the three athletes to break a record was standout runner Francisco Ramirez. He ran the 3200 faster than any former Pace High School student; and what’s even more impressive is that he did it as a sophomore. “Breaking the Pace High School 3200 record means a lot to me,” Ramirez said. “It means that I am one of the fastest distance runners this school has ever seen, but in a way it humbles me more than ever.” Ramirez also spoke to the faith that breaking this record has instilled in him for the remainder of this season and his career. “This gives me a huge boost of confidence for hopes to make it to the state competition this year. I know that I still need to improve my time, but I know I can do it,” Ramirez claimed. Ramirez is well on his way to achieving his goals, winning some big races, and maybe even breaking some more records.

The next member of the trifecta of record breakers is none other than star pole vaulter Trinity Nguyen. Nguyen has an outstanding work ethic that has truly paid off this season. Her training regiment has kept her fit year round so that she can compete with the best of the best. “All summer I attended camps and trained with a pole vault club to build endurance and improve my jumps. Weightlifting in the winter also gave me the explosive power I need for vaulting,” Nguyen said. Although Nguyen is satisfied with the new record, she still is not finished working hard to attain stellar results through the end of the season. “Jumping a new PR of 11’4″ has only made my goals higher for the rest of the season. I’m now more motivated than ever to do awesome at state!” Nguyen explained.

The culprit of the final broken record was javelin thrower Kye Sessions. With his left arm in a sling, Sessions was still eager to be a part of the track and field program, but his options were extremely limited. Sessions ultimately decided to take on the javelin, and the outcome could not have been better. “Coach Greene is the reason I love it so much, because even in my sling, she was enthusiastic and encouraging. She even talked to javelin experts to get specific drills and advice,” Sessions said. Breaking

the record was a huge honor to him, and he is thankful for all of the support he has had along the way. “The greatest satisfaction in life is being good or even great at what you do. Winning is not the biggest part, but is euphoric in and of itself,” Sessions said.

This meet was quite simply unforgettable for our team. The accomplishments made by these three athletes are not only celebrated by themselves, but by the entirety of the track and field team. Although the records are something to rejoice over, they also light a fire in these athletes’ mentalities, pushing them to pursue bigger and better things for the remainder of the season.