Fostering Love

Fostering Love

Chloe Fair, Photo Editor

Most teenagers can’t imagine bringing a child into their family that they aren’t related to and treating them as their own sibling. For Haley Bondurant, this foreign concept became her reality. In June of 2018, Bondurant and her family completed the licensing process. 

“In order to get licensed we had to completely baby proof our house. As soon as we were officially licensed, we got a call asking if we could take in two little girls; we had them for six months. During that time, we had a little boy for about a week,” Bondurant said. 

In any family, having new kids changes daily routines. New things like making the kids dinner or picking them up from daycare became Bondurant’s new normal.  

“You don’t really get to relax at all. It’s basically like babysitting twenty-four/seven, but at the same time you are not only trying to watch these kids, you are trying to love them and give them a home,” Bondurant said. 

After the girls left, they got two more little girls that they had for almost four months. Between respite care and normal placements, Bondurant’s family has had twelve foster babies.  

“At first, I thought it was going to be difficult to love a child that I just met, but loving these kids has been the easiest thing I have ever done, while watching them go has been the hardest. I don’t really get to live the normal high school life, but it is worth every second” Bondurant said.