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Madison Snowden, Staff Member

It is Friday night. Loud music plays, while everyone sways to the beat, but this is no party. Tonight is Fearless Friday at Pace Assembly Ministries. In celebration of the event, middle and high school students gather at the church for a night of fellowship and fun. Sophomore, Brayden Tompkins was a part of the leadership team for this night. 

“I have been to Fearless ever since I was old enough to go,” Tompkins said. “This year I got to play more of a leadership role, and I was the only student musician during the worship service.” 

To kick off the night, fun games were played in the main sanctuary. Students listened to Christian music, bought t-shirts from the merchandise table, and joined in on the games. Upon arriving at the church, Rachael Higgins said that she had a lot of fun participating in the Four Cones Game. 

“Everyone was so excited to be at Fearless. I think the games were a great way to start off the night,” Higgins said. “My favorite game was the one where we ran around to different cones as the time ran out, just like four corners.” 

At 7:00 p.m., Pastor John Skipworth from Rochester, Minnesota, got up on stage to deliver his empowering sermon. He spoke for about an hourand-a-half about the importance of doing your part, so God can do His part. A longtime member of the church, Lydia Rushing enjoyed Skipworth’s sermon. 

The fearless conference was amazing. John Skipworth came and gave a good sermon about our part and God’s part,” Rushing said. “A few friends and I got to do a dance that we had been working on, and it was so much fun being able to praise Jesus with my friends.” 

As the event was winding down, senior Zachary Higgins said it was one of the greatest nights of his life. Despite all the games that were played, Higgins agreed that the best part of the event was the worship service and the sermon. 

“Fearless was a life-changing event,” Higgins said. “I felt the move of the Holy Spirit throughout the whole worship service, and I know many lives were changed that night. The guest speaker, Pastor Skipworth, brought a word so relevant to us today and it was very powerful. I absolutely loved it.”