Helping Hands


Hannah Zagar, Editor in Chief of Online Media

One of the best ways you can help people, is to give back to your community. Volunteer hours are for more than just Bright Futures and college. Many students spend hours every week participating in service events for the community. The Interact club spends hours every week participating in events to better our community and help those in need. They go to Special Olympics, the Santa Rosa kids house, and many local events.

They do many events that help the children in our community. On March 12, the Interact club made paper hands at their biweekly meeting for the Santa Rosa Kids House. Every year the club takes one meeting to trace their hands and write inspirational notes to the children in need. “It was fun making hands for the Kids House because the kids really enjoy knowing we care about them,” Ian Warrick said. The students spend hours working on decorated hands for the children. They are later shipped to the Santa Rosa Kids House where they are distributed by the workers.

These heartfelt notes could be the one inspirational thing these children get for a long time. “I love doing this project because I know the kids really appreciate it, and it makes them happy. These kids need all the support they can get, and it makes me happy we can do that for them,” Hannah Nix said.