Having a Job in High School

Emily McVoy, Staff Member

As we grow up, we get more benefits and freedoms in our everyday lives. We get to do more things like drive a car. Another benefit of getting older is being able to get a job. With a job you can earn your own money and spend it on whatever you want.

The money that you earn can go towards anything, it can be for a new shirt, a phone, or you can save it for something big such as a car or college tuition. Money is what everyone needs to do anything, and having your own feels rewarding. “I wanted money so I could do what I wanted”, Deal said.

Kaylee Deal started working at Taste Buds in July of last year. “I applied there because it seemed like a fun job”, Deal said. She enjoys working, “my bosses are great and pretty laid back”, Deal said.

With a job you not only get money, but you get the experience of having a real job, to get a taste of the real world before graduating. They teach responsibility and look good when applying for other jobs later in life.

Sometimes having a job can be hard especially when your friends are hanging out, but you can’t join cause you’re at work. “It’s kind’ve  hard having a job because I want to be able to go out with my friends but at least I’m making money”, Norris said. Meeting new people is another benefit of having a job. “I love getting to make new friends”, Norris said.

Jobs create many opportunities for students, they provide a good outlook of what the real world is going to be like. They teach responsibility and make your able to earn something all on your own.