In the Spotlight

Madison Gilbert, Staff Member

If all the world’s a stage, then drama will perform. At the 2019 Florida State Thespian Festival held in Tampa over spring break, 10,000 drama students, twenty-four of which were from Pace High, came together to perform individual events, one acts, and main stages. 

In order to get to state, a drama club has to score a superior rating at districts. Tyler ColeRyan Snow, and Kevin Thomas wrote an original play titled April Showers hoping to achieve this goal. What started as a concept of boiler guys on the Titanic was followed by written music and dialogue that turned into a play a year in the making. “We performed April Showers, which was a district piece 1 act, and we won Best Original Script at districts. We never made it to state with it, but we did bring two duets, two solos, and two small-group musicals,” Cole said. 

For some student performers, going to state wasn’t anything new. “I wasn’t nervous because I had performed last year, too. At that point, it’s pretty much just fun,” Grace White said. However, the competition still required multiple rehearsals for even the experienced students, some of which began at eight in the morning. 

Students can receive a rating of Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent, and Superior at state and districts.  “We got the most superiors we have ever gotten at districts, which allowed us to fill up all of our slots at state,” Cole said. While at state, the Drama Club received an Excellent in all categories.  

Throughout the week, students attended workshops for dancing, vocals, and several other categories. “At night, we got to see main stages, which were pretty much Broadway shows put on by high school kids, and that was really cool to see. But I had to give up spring break, which was my least favorite part,” White said. 

“We learned how to better our craft. We watched kids just like us do amazing performances of solos, duets, musicals, acting pieces, monologues, all of the above, and we got classes from Broadway legends,” Tyler Cole said. “We were watching stars be born.”