Let It Go Dreamer’s Competition


Hannah Collins, Staff Member

We can’t let this solo competition go! Members of Pace High band sign up to compete for the solo part of Frozen’s “Let It Go” in Pace High’s annual Dreamer’s Competition. Students of any skill level of band are encouraged to participate for a little friendly competition. Dreamers that are entering the competition to earn the solo part, like Wyatt Vandenlagenberg, have been practicing over spring break to do the best they can do.  

“I am playing the French Horn in this competition. I signed up to be in the top 16 rank, which basically means that I compete later in the competition,” Vandenlangenberg said. “I am so scared and nervous to compete with the other bands French Horns, but at the same time I’m excited.” 

With the competition accepting all members of band who want to participate, students in the lower rank band can compete with the top rank band members and have the opportunity to outshine them.  The dreamer competition has another factor to it; students with one instrument can compete with a totally different instrument. Brass against percussion, woodwinds against vocals, and treble clef against bass clef. With this new factor in the mix students are getting hyped up to compete. 

“I think it’s interesting because each instrument has its strengths and weaknesses that you get to compare and contrast as the competition continues,” Anna Brennan said. “I’m not really nervous because I’m not playing the instrument I play in bandalso it doesn’t have an effect on my grade or anything like that.” 

 Brennan is a freshman competing in the dreamer competition with her piano skills. She is also a top 16 competitor waiting to perform for the judges near the end of the competition. While waiting, she’s going to practice like she did over Spring Break. “I was out of town for Spring Break, but I did get to practice some,” Brennan said. “And I definitely plan on practicing more.” 

These dreamers can’t get enough of the spotlight and practicing their musical talents. While the competition goes on, they get closer and closer to finding the winner. We expect they will do well, and we wish them the best of luck.