We the Student Body


Alyssa Leanza, Staff Member


During high school, we need someone to lead us through celebratory pep rallies and a friendly hello in the hallway. Every year, we vote for whom we want to lead us the following year. Running against your peers to lead our entire school population can be an emotional time. It starts with a campaign week when the candidates prove to their peers why they are the best fit for their position. At the end of the craziness of campaign week, there will be one Student Body President and one Student Body Vice President.

Blake Bullock, McGreggor Kennison, and Aubrey Welty are running for the office of Student Body President. They are all juniors who have been in SGA since their freshman year. To run for the position, they must be outgoing, caring, and a leader at heart. The Student Body President leads our school at pep rallies, assemblies, and makes the big decisions for the student body.

Aubrey Welty had the motivation to run because of her passion for Pace High School. Before high school, she moved across the country to Pace, Florida. “Pace was a place that welcomed me and molded me into the person I am,” Welty said. Welty talked about what she is most excited about in this process. “I’m most excited about meeting new people during campaign week,” Welty said.

Blake Bullock has gone through the process of elections many times before being his class’s president freshman year. “I feel really good about everything, and I am super excited for campaign week,” Bullock said. He gets prepared for campaign week by getting all his extra stuff he will pass out. “Ordering everything that goes along with my campaign theme gets me pumped for the week,” Bullock said.

McGreggor Kennison wants his presidential speech to be just like a conversation with everyone in the gym. “I’ve been preparing for my speech by thinking of it more as a conversation. I’m not going to go on and on about what makes me so great or even why you should vote for me. I want it to feel like I’m everyone’s friend instead of a candidate. Nothing ruins a speaker more than when he only talks about himself,” Kennison said. To help him with his relaxed speech, his good luck charms are his friends supporting him. “It goes to show how lucky I am,” Kennison said.

Wyn Newton and Abby Scott are running for Vice President. Newton believes the Vice President must be able to be reliable and trustworthy to the president. Scott says that whoever wins the position, will have to be prepared to be the president’s right-hand person.

Wyn Newton is the youngest candidate running. “I believe it will help me grow as leader,” Newton said. “I have a couple tricks up my sleeve and some ideas to make my speech stand out from the rest,” Newton said.

Abby Scott is most excited for the speech she will give to the whole school. “I feel like even though it is such a short amount of time, those two minutes will be the selling point of my whole campaign,” Scott said. To help guide her through her speech, she’s grateful to have her friends supporting her and helping her out.  As she runs for Student Body Vice President, she “hopes to make a good connection with the student body,” Scott said.

Campaign week is April 29 to May 3, and the candidates will present their speeches May 3 in an assembly with the whole school in the gym. Afterwards, the student body will be able to vote on their phones for the candidate they think will do best. After campaign week, the school will find out who will be their leaders next year. Out of everything, “I guess the main goal is to make people remember you, so during campaign week I will be trying to do just that,” Newton said.