Baseball at Blue Wahoos 

Tayler Beckstrom, People Person

Playing at the Blue Wahoos stadium on March 12th was a major flashback for some of the varsity baseball team members. The last time Aidan Gilroy, AJ Martin and their teammates have played on a field that big was when they went to the state playoffs last season. “Playing on a field that much larger than our home field, can make hitting and fielding a lot harder,” Gilroy said. Our home field is 350 feet in the dead center, and the Blue Wahoo’s stadium in 400 feet in the dead center.  

The team had a few rough innings while trying to get used to the field and atmosphere, but after the third inning the boys were playing ball like they know how. “I will never forget the first inning of the game when I made an error that I should have never made, but I just had to shake it off and make up for it with a good hit,” Gilroy said.  

The team did not start hitting well until about the third inning because they were all a little nervous and were putting a lot of pressure on themselves. “If you just play the game and have fun with it, then you will exceed,” Gilroy said. 

Coming in at the end of the game to throw the winning pitches, Martin comes in with a positive attitude knowing that he can finish this game. “I didn’t really feel the pressure because I did the same thing in the State Championship game last year,” Martin said. 

Getting a victory over West Florida Tech was very pleasing to the team because they haven’t played them in a few years. It was a pretty big victory with a score of 12-4. “Going into this game we knew we could beat them if we played well,” Martin said.  

Being invited to play at the Blue Wahoo’s stadium in the Battle of the Bay tournament was an honor.It was so much fun to be able to go and play in such an amazing environment with such great fans,” Gilroy said.