The Road to WGI


Summer Rogers, Staff Member

This indoor season for percussion has been a long road. From long Saturday practices to weekend long competitions, they spend most of their free time to perfecting their show. First year member Ainsley Joslyn performs on her drum, bass five, and is soaking up every minute of it. “As a freshman in indoor, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. It’s been the best and hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Joslyn said. 

Even though these students participate in field season, indoor is much different from marching season. Junior, Stevie Townsend, joined the indoor team this year and has gotten her take on it. “Compared to outdoor, indoor is much more enjoyable. We practice A LOT more than outdoor, and it’s much more physically taxing. But the work put in is well worth it in the end,” Townsend said. 

Leading up to their biggest competition of the season in Ohio, the pressure is on. “This year we are going to the WGI World’s competition in Dayton, Ohio. No matter what we place, I know we are going to perform our best and that’s what matters,” Joslyn said.  

One of their previous competitions was on March 15, 2019, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. There they placed second in the “Open Class” category. “The feeling of performing in Hattiesburg is one I’ll never forget; we were all so connected through the music and there was so much good energy throughout the performance. The feeling of all of our hard work paying off is so rewarding,” Joslyn said. 

Having a smaller team, the indoor group can be more intimate with one another. “Drumline has less people, so it’s more tightly knit together. We are much closer,” Townsend said. “The best thing about indoor is the friends I’ve made and all of the memories we share. I see these people more than my own family, so I definitely do consider them my second family,” Joslyn said.