Achieving a Goal

Hannah Zagar

Asha Waters, Editor in Chief of Online Media

On May 16th, the Hill-Kelly Dodge/Channel 3 News “Pay It Forward Grant” was presented to teachers Jan Lockman and Stacy Schmidt. Wanting to find a sport that visually impaired students could participate in, Lockman and Schmidt applied for the Hill-Kelly Dodge/Channel 3 News “Pay It Forward Grant”. With the funds from the grant, they were able to purchase items such as balls, elbow pads, and knee pads to play goalball. Goalball is a Paralympic team sport geared toward blind or visually impaired people. There are three people to a team and all team members are blindfolded. One player has a ball with bells on it and must throw it in an attempt to score a goal on the opposing team without them hearing the bells and blocking the shot. “There are teams in the area that play and many of the colleges have programs. The SGA kids were great to practice with us and seemed to really enjoy playing,” Schmidt said. Lockman and Schmidt are attempting to building interest in the game in hopes of purchasing goal posts and eventually forming a club to compete competitively and/or introducing the game to physical education classes. More information on the story will air on WEAR-TV next Thursday, May 23rd at 5 p.m.