Next Generation of Leaders


Community service is something in which almost every high schooler participates. Whether they are trying to achieve the bare minimum of hours required for college or they find a project they thoroughly enjoy, there are a wide variety of ways to become involved. 2018-2019 alumni Madisen Perkins has made big strides in community service that has a chance to impact students who wish to give back to their communities. “On June 22, I chartered the Compass Club of Northwest Florida which is a community service club available to people aged 18-25. It’s basically an extension of the Anchor Club, but it is open to all college aged students who are interested in serving their community. “It gives students out of high school a chance to stay involved with their community,” Perkins said. One member who believes this will impact them is Arianna Cawthon who is a member of the state and Pace High School Anchor Board. “I’d say the Compass Club has helped me become a better leader. They are a great example for me, and I aspire to be like them,” Cawthon said.