Distinguished Young Women


Madison Fendley, Online Editor

This summer, upcoming seniors Aubrey Welty and Haley Bondurant have become involved in the Distinguished Young Women (DYW) program. The DYW program is a scholarship opportunity open to high school senior girls from across the country. So far, Welty and Bondurant have competed at their district level which included students from across Northwest Florida. “My favorite part so far has been getting to build new relationships with with other girls as we found ways to better ourselves and help the community,” said Welty. After hours of practice and rehearsal, their most recent performance judged them based on scholastics, talent, self expression, and fitness. “I prepared for the performance by going to interview practice and staying on top of current events as well as learning my tap/singing routine and practicing it a lot,” said Bondurant. For the talent part of the competition, both Welty and Bondurant danced; Bondurant sang while doing a tap routine, and Welty did a clogging routine. “I started dance when I was three years old and competed until I moved to Florida,” said Welty.  After competing and being judged in each section of the program, Welty and Bondurant are two of the eight girls that are moving on to the state competition. “I’m most excited about pushing myself to learn more and getting closer to the people I have met so far,” said Bondurant. Both girls are now looking forward to competing at the next level and are proud to be representing our school and community in the DYW program.