All American Cheer


Over the summer, the Pace High Cheer Team participated in UCA camp. UCA stands for Universal Cheer Associate. “College cheerleaders come to our school for one week and teach us new cheers, dances, and how to have spirit,” Alexandra Wagner said. Wagner is a senior on the team and she enjoyed bonding with everyone during the week. “UCA camp was so fun. We really bonded and got to know each other so much more,” Wagner said. During the camp there was also the opportunity to try out for All American.

A first year All American cheerleader, has the opportunity to travel to  Orlando to participate in Disney`s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Second year participants travel to London to spend a week touring the city and performing in the London New Year’s Parade. Olivia Lambert qualified for the first time and can go to Orlando in the fall. “We all went and celebrated with a nice dinner after the try out. We went to the Fish House and ate lots of food and took lots of pictures,” Lambert said.