Brandon Miller Committed


H. Bondurant

Bright stadium lights beating down and energy radiating from the stands fuel Brandon Miller on Friday nights. The intensity between opposing teams is what sparked Miller’s interest and led him to begin playing the sport he now loves. Being a dual athlete- playing both football and baseball- Miller has developed a passion for these games. At just eight years old, Miller began his football career as an offensive lineman for his little league PARA football team. This year, however, Miller faced one of the hardest challenges yet: tackling the new position of being quarterback. Miller spent months training both on and off the field and working hard in the weight room. By the start of this season, Miller earned  his position as starting quarterback. “The hardest part,” said Miller, “was learning the unfamiliar techniques and memorizing all of the new plays.” Miller tries to remain aware and ready at all times because he is still getting used to this new position.

When asked about his role as a team leader, Miller said, “It is exciting because I get to call plays, but it is also nerve wracking since my teammates rely heavily on me.” Before hitting the field each week, Miller performs his pregame rituals: a quick nap followed by loud music to get him pumped up. When asked which coach he admires the most, Miller said, “Coach Vance Smith because he is always energetic and brings the juice to practices and games.” Miller believes these are important qualities any good coach should possess. Currently, Miller is ranked first in the team’s stats for total yardage. Although Miller is still unsure of his decision about continuing to play in college, he is looking forward to the rest of the football season.