People of Pace: Nina Hilliard


Bon voyage! Fitting into a new school can be challenging, but for Nina Hilliard the change has provided her with a surplus of memories. Throughout her lifetime, the military child has lived in Virginia, New Mexico, Tampa, Germany, and now Pace. 

While living in Germany, Hilliard spent most of her time traveling around Europe.

Even though Germany is a lot different than the United States, living there was life changing. It allowed me to experience so many different things and travel to so many different places,” Hilliard said. 

Despite the hardship of adjusting to a new way of life, the travel enthusiast enjoyed trekking around Europe with her mom and sister.

“My grandma lives in Slovakia, so we would often take the eight-hour drive to go visit her. One time, my mom and I got all the way to the border only to realize that we forgot our passports at home. We then drove eight hours home to grab our passports and continue on the trip,” Hilliard said.

The adventures do not stop there. Hilliard remembers when she sat on top of the 443-foot London Eye. “The height freaked me out at first, but I will never forget the beautiful view of London,” Hilliard said. 

After all, Hilliard made the most of her time in a new country.

“It has been challenging having to adjust and start over so many times, but I would not have it any other way. Being a military child has given me the opportunity to travel and see the world and I will always be grateful for that,” Hilliard said.