Do it for the Dunkin

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Kenna McKinley

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PNJ Pace Athletes
October 7, 2019
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Do it for the Dunkin

America runs on Dunkin’, but we`re running faster. On September 26th at 5:00 a.m., Dunkin’ Donuts’ opened their doors to the sleep deprived moms, dads, college students, and the teenagers of Pace all wanting one thing: free coffee coupons for a year. The first 100 customers in Dunkin’ Donuts’ at 5:00 a.m. were the ones to win a jackpot of coffee. 

To ensure their chances of getting the coffee, many people stayed the night outside the doors of Dunkin’. “We got there at 12:30 a.m. We had TVs, played video games on the XBOX, and laughed the whole time,” Gracyn Smith said. While waiting for the doors to open, others stayed busy by playing the new Mario Kart game on their phones. “We played Mario Kart and watched Netflix while waiting. We did this  just for an adventure, but we got the free coffee coupons,” said Katie Brabham. The first customer of the day was, Pace  High`s own, Dalton Dean. “I felt a tingly sensation in my hands while opening the doors. It was cool opening the doors with my initials on it too,” said Dean. Some people tried to skip the line by going through the drive thru, but that morning it didn’t seem to work. “We tried going through the drive thru to get the coupons, and there are definitely design flaws. The screen broke,” said Rachel Lackaye. 

While some were successful, others were just lucky to get a 99-cent coffee. “I woke up at three and got there by four. I got my coffee, but sadly didn’t get the coupons. I had a great time with my friends though,” Katherine Mathews said.  After standing in line for a couple hours, lots of people decided to leave and not even get coffee. “I woke up at three to stand in a line for three hours and didn’t get anything. We just went to Waffle House after,” said Jonathan Kimbro. Another restaurant that was popular in the early morning was IHOP.  “At Dunkin’ Donuts’, we got yelled at and didn’t get the free coupons, but we went to IHOP after and that was really fun,” said Elena Bustoz.  

Whether they got the free coffee or not, the experience was one thing they’ll always cherish. “We may not have gotten anything, but I enjoyed making a memory with friends that I`ll cherish forever,” said Mackenzie Beckley.