People of Pace: Adam Nguyen


The award-winning musical, April Showers,  written by a student at Pace High School had many characters.  Adam Nguyen played the part of Newspaper Kelly. Newspaper Kelly was one of the three villagers who boarded a ship. “I prepared for April Showers by taking an hour or more on choreography a day because that’s what I struggled with the most,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen also has been a part of other plays at the school: Willy Wonka, Godspell, and Junie B. Jones. Throughout the plays he’s been in, Nguyen has learned many things. “I’ve learned how to work with a group of students and different skills I can use in future plays,” Nguyen said. Coming up soon, Nguyen is playing Herb in “Junie B. Jones the Musical Jr.” Herb is Junie B. Jones’ love interest in the musical. “I have prepared by taking my own time to review notes and choreography,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen still has the rest of this year and next year in the drama program, but wants to further his acting and singing passion after high school to double major in musical theater and psychology. “With acting, I can make people smile on days where they feel like they never could. With being a therapist, I can guide people to feel better about the lives they have,” Nguyen said.