People of Pace: Matthew Smitherman

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Alex Taylor

Guitarist, Matthew Smitherman started off as a baseball player.

“Around two years ago, I broke my leg while I was playing baseball. That’s the whole reason I started playing guitar. I had nothing else to do to keep me occupied,” Smitherman said.

He had two major influences that made him interested in playing.

“I love Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhodes; they play super-fast,” Smitherman said. “Guitar is just really fun. I’m pretty good at it too.”

Although Smitherman can play many songs on the guitar, he does have a favorite song.

“My favorite song to play on guitar is Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne,” Smitherman said. “I can play anywhere and anytime; it doesn’t matter.” Becoming a guitarist has impacted his life in more ways than one.

“It’s given me a different view on things. I can make money from playing too and that’s pretty cool,”

Smitherman enjoys playing guitar as often as he gets the chance and plans on continuing guitar for a long time.

Matthew Smitherman