We are the {Grand} Champions


Ending their competitive season with two Grand Champion wins, you could say the Pride of the Red, White, and Blue had an accomplished season. On September 28th, the band attended their first competition of the season. Located in Biloxi, Mississippi, all two-hundred plus band members traveled together to perform their 2019 show titled One Way or Another.

Leading up to the performance I felt really nervous, especially when we got to Mississippi. I heard the other bands warm up, and one in particular intimidated me. It felt really good to hear our name get called for every award. It was reassuring because we worked so hard,” said Lindsay Allen, member of the flute section.

New to year, junior trumpet player, Caden Dale, adapted to the busy schedule of this band, “My old band had roughly 60 to 80 people in it at most. This band is 3 to 4 times that size. I think coming from a ‘losing’ band, winning isn’t taken for granted. It feels great to be rewarded for our efforts,” Dale said.

Senior clarinet player, Maytal Bauberg, is this year’s high-woodwind lieutenant. “We have spent over 200 hours of practice working on our show. Performing in Biloxi was really exciting. When the scores were announced, I felt relieved and super proud of what we accomplished,” said Bauberg.

Leaving Biloxi with the high score of 92.675, the band also took home eleven trophies for every overall category and caption within their individual class.

“Starting off the season with a big win felt amazing; it was well deserved,” senior Andy Wood said.

The last big competition was held on October 19 in Gulfport, Mississippi. There, eighteen bands competed for the title of Grand Champions. Up against multiple previous Mississippi state champions, the Pride swept the competition once again.

“I felt really good about this season and I’m very proud of how it turned out. It makes me really happy to see our hard work and effort pay off,” sophomore member, Levy Johnson said.

Taking home eleven more trophies, the band won every individual class award along with every overall placement. For many students, this was their last competition.

“Conducting for the last competition was an overwhelming feeling. I felt joy from seeing all of my favorite people on the field, and then I felt sad thinking about how it was our last,” Drum Major Katie Hilliard said.

Since the competitive season ended earlier this year, many upperclassmen spent every minute taking as much of it in as they could. One of these seniors was Allen. In the big hit of part 2, I always tear up because I realize I only get to do this a few more times and then it’s all over. My four years marching in the Pace Band is done, just like that,” Allen said.