We Feel Great!

Recently, select students had an amazing opportunity to hear Ted Wiese speak. Wiese is an influential speaker whose goal is to enhance kids’ leadership skills and help them to understand they are capable of making a difference. He spends his time traveling to various schools across the country speaking to students who range in age: from middle schoolers all the way to college-aged students. This year was the fourth time Wiese has visited Pace High School; His first trip was the state student council conference in 2011, at which he was one of the keynote speakers.

The students given the opportunity to attend this year’s workshop were selected specifically by club sponsors, coaches, and teachers. Celene Sessions, a teacher who has experienced Wiese’s workshop herself, stated, “I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing the impact of a Ted workshop. To start the day, students sit with people they don’t necessarily know very well. Within the first hour, they are cheering each other on and working together like the best of friends. It’s truly a joy to watch.” The workshop contained not only a strong, meaningful message for the students to take with them, but also an exciting, interactive day full of engaging activities to help students further develop their leadership skills. “I love how Ted made this experience very interactive and related all the characteristics of being a leader to real life situation,” said Mollee Powell.

During the workshop, student leaders were grouped  into multiple teams. They participated in numerous games, encouraging the students to meet new people and form relationships among their peers. Savannah Pugh said, “It was nice to get to know other people you go to school with.” The games not only allowed for communication and bonding between students, but it also allowed them to step out of their comfort zone and feel confident being themselves. “I think it was my favorite day of the school year,” claimed Triston Elmer.

Wiese’s main focus of the message— the phrase “I Feel Great”— serves as a way for the students to remember to always stay positive and upbeat no matter what. Brooke Rorer stated, “I learned what it really means to be a leader, and I plan to share that with my club and the school. I’m so grateful I was able to attend!” Wiese’s message changed many students’ perspectives on leadership and their role in the student body. With a new outlook on leadership, students are ready to step up and take initiative to help better our school and community.