Wildlife Conservation Club Spreads the Word


Madison Gilbert, Blended Editor

While the concern for environmental protection was growing larger than ever, student environmentalists took the initiative and formed a club to help focus on local problems. The Wildlife Conservation Club began in 2018, but did not gain traction until the 2019-2020 school year. As treasurer and secretary, Nadia Palag handled club funds, meeting notes, and everything else to help the club run smoothly. “We really wanted to make sure we kicked the club off right this year. We’ve already done a spirit night at Firehouse Subs, and we’re working on a field trip to a wildlife house in Mississippi,” Palag said. During the meetings, the club brainstormed different ways and ideas to help their community. “Smaller communities is where the biggest difference can be made,’ Palag said.

The conservationists focused on protecting local wildlife, such as the sea turtles found on Pensacola Beach. Members invited a guest speaker, Melanie Waite, to educate them on her 20+ years of work with the sea turtles. “We want to make people aware of what is going on around them and try to help the animals that we can. We especially try to help animals like snakes that other people find gross or unnecessary,” Palag said. The club was formed in response to global warming and pollution, which majorly affected local animals in lakes, rivers, or oceans.
To recruit new members, existing members got their friends involved and spread the word about the club. “I did the club because I knew that it was something my best friend, Faith, is very passionate about. She’s passionate about it, and I’m passionate about it, so our passion grows together,” Palag said. “The club has given me hope; I have hope that we can actually do something about it, and that we can make the world a better place,” Palag said.