Chance of a Lifetime

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Katie Rolin

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This summer, Chance Keeney was one of only twenty seniors statewide chosen to participate in the University of Florida’s Summer Vet Camp. The camp was a week-long program that allowed Keeney and his peers to stay on campus in dorms while learning more about the aspects of becoming a Veterinarian. Keeney’s application process was tedious and grueling that included guidance from Alyssa Pippin and Dee Kelly. “I had to apply through their website, and I had to write a letter basically bragging about myself and why they should accept me into the program,” Keeney said. Since he was the only representative from the Panhandle, Keeney had to make friends with students from all over the state. After the program he gained nineteen new friends with the same passion as him. “I had a great experience and met some really great people,” Keeney said.

During the program, Keeney mostly worked on UF’s campus, but he did get the opportunity to work off-campus as well. UF expanded this program by allowing the students to learn at Sea World and the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo. “The most interesting thing about the trip was going to Sea World and being with my new friends. We stayed on campus most of the time, but we went to other places off campus too,” Keeney said. By the end of the trip he made new friends and was further educated on the career that he wishes to pursue. “I was very excited to go to the college and learn more about my passion about being a vet,” Keeney said. The University of Florida’s Summer Vet Camp only strengthened Keeney’s passion to help animals in need, and he is now more excited than ever to strive for excellence in his future career of being a veterinarian. “I plan to get my bachelors at UWF and then attend vet school at UF,” Keeney said.