People of Pace: Molly Dekraai


Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina on the military base, Molly Dekraai has moved from state to state. Growing up in a military family, Dekraai spent a majority of her childhood traveling and moving to multiple places all over the world. When she was just five-years-old, her family packed up and relocated to Okinawa, Japan. Dekraai lived in Japan for only three short years, but considers her time spent there to be a blessing. When asked her favorite part of living in Okinawa, Dekraai said, “The culture was incredible and the life on base compared to the rest of the city was amazing. I loved going off base and being able to enjoy the different parks and aquariums.” After her time overseas, Dekraai and her family moved back to the United States. It wasn’t until the summer before entering seventh grade that she moved to Pace. Dekraai’s favorite part about living in Pace is how willing the people are to help each other. She cherishes the family aspect that is deeply rooted throughout the entire community. “Although it can sometimes get annoying not being able to make a simple Publix stop without running into somebody you know, the small-town atmosphere is something I truly love,” Dekraai exclaimed.  

When Dekraai got to high school, she decided she wanted to get involved and partake in different clubs and activities. Not only is she a member of Beta Club and National Honor Society, but Dekraai was a member of the varsity swim team for all four years of her high school career During the last two years, she had the responsibility of being the Swim Team’s Captain. Dekraai was also a member of WPHS for three years. “WPHS definitely taught me a ton. It is what made me realize I want to do broadcasting for the rest of my life,” Dekraai stated. 

When Dekraai is not busy at swim practice or club meetings, she enjoys having some time to do fun activities that don’t involve school. In her free time, she likes hanging out with her friends, going to the beach, and spending quality time with her family. When asked what her favorite things to do on a relaxed weekend, Dekraai said, “I’ll never turn down a good coffee date with friends.”

After graduating, Dekraai wants to attend either Florida State University or Tulane University. She plans to study communications and digital media production. “With my degree, I want to enter the film industry and work within the cinematography field, making movies and films,” exclaimed Dekraai. She wishes to travel abroad after finishing college, while working and doing what she loves simultaneously. Although she is still figuring out high school and making decisions one day at a time, Dekraai is excited for the future and what is to come!