Show Your Support


David Walther has been a teacher at Pace High School since 1981. Throughout the years, he’s served as an integral part of the faculty and has left a huge impact. In 2018, Walther was diagnosed with cancer, and spent time off getting treatment and spending time with his family. After, he returned to Pace and continued teaching economics. This  semester, however, he decided to take some additional time with his family and continue treatments.

Throughout his career, Walther has had the opportunity to share his knowledge and wisdom with hundreds of people: both students and adults. “Mr. Walther taught me Economics in my senior year. He made a great impact on me as a teacher and a person, and he made me aware of the world around me. I still remember many of the facts I learned in his class (Helmut Kohl was the German Chancellor), and I loved playing his review games (boys vs. girls),” recalled former student and current staff member, Angela Hoomes. While students learned academic basics in his class, they were simultaneously being instilled with valuable life lessons. “I learned so much more about life from him than any academic subject,” stated Denise Hudson, a former student and now peer. Not only was his teaching style impeccable, but more importantly his personality and character was unforgettable.

Many people consider Walther to be the toughest person they’ve ever met; his positive outlook and determination has always remained upbeat throughout his battle. “Mr. Walther is the best teacher I’ve ever had. He is honestly the strongest person I know, and I look up to him as a role model. No matter what, he always showed up to class and taught with a positive attitude. Despite all the hardships he was going through, he never missed a beat,” exclaimed current student, Madison Snowden. Along with being strong, he possesses one of the kindest hearts. Maya Angelou’s famous saying, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” is exactly what comes to mind when Hoomes thinks about him. “As a student and a coworker, Mr. Walther has made me feel like I am the most important person in the world and that I matter.  He always listens to me carefully and remembers the most obscure information about my life,” she stated.

In his spare time, Walther takes pleasure in horseback riding and spending time at his ranch. His tradition of taking students on a field trip to Walther Ranch has been a highlight of his class that students look forward to each year. Kelsey Womack shared, “My favorite memory from his class is going on the field trip  to Chumuckla and Jay to see where all of his kinfolk worked the peanut farms and then to hang out at Walther Ranch for the afternoon.” Along with maintaining his ranch, he partakes in many other hobbies. Even during treatment, he always made sure to find a way to get his workouts in and stay in top notch strength through his most enjoyed activities. “Mr. Walther has always been a man of faith and he has broken the barrier of both mental and physical toughness. He has been an example and has set high standards for his students, family, and even his workout partners. He’s a man who is purpose driven and shows passion for a variety of activities that not only include teaching, but hiking, running bleachers, horseback riding, and exercising his willpower,” explained former student and workout partner Jaxon Adams. 

To show support for Walther, there will be a Sunrise to Sunset “Canyon” Walk held at Pace High School on Saturday, January 25th. At this event, faculty and staff will be continuously walking laps around the track. The walk will begin at sunrise (roughly 6 a.m.) at the stadium and will continue until sunset. Throughout the day, other activities and events will be taking place during the walk.

In the morning, students are invited to compete in the Iron Man competition. To enter, students must meet under the pavilion by the stadium at 8 a.m. (waiver required). The competition will consist of multiple challenges completed in teams of two: lifting weights, home run contests, sprints, and bleachers. The winners will then be crowned at the afternoon ceremony. At 2:30 p.m., everyone is invited to gather at the stadium  for a group picture. Following the picture, one of Walther’s favorite bluegrass bands,  Highway Home, will be set up to play live music to enjoy while socializing and hanging out at the track. Starting at 4 p.m., there will be a program of speakers, including students and staff sharing their favorite memories and stories of Mr. Walther. All of these events are open to the community and everyone is encouraged and welcome to come out and show their support.

In addition, the yearbook staff is hosting a book and toy drive. The donations will all be sent to local hospitals and foster homes to be given to kids. These donations can be brought in to the yearbook room or on the day of the event.  The yearbook staff is specifically requesting books and toys involving horses.

Friends of David Walther have designed Walther Ranch t-shirts and are taking donations. The shirts are $20.00 and all profits will be donated directly to Mr. Walther and his family. These shirts will be worn the day of the walk and can be purchased at

Mr. Walther has made a tremendous impact on the people and students at Pace High and he continues to be an inspiration as he tackles his ongoing battle.