Catching Dreams


Eleven years have come and gone but the memories stayed strong in Danielle Chase’s life. Starting off as a young recreational softball player, she worked her way to the top.  With many years of persistent hard work, Chase made the varsity softball team her freshman yearOn the off season of high school softball, she plays for the travel ball team, GulfCoast Firecrackers. “I played recreational softball for a couple of years, then I started playing travel ball,” Chase said. Playing as a utility, Chase supports second base and outfield.  

Her teammates help her stay motivated. I have formed a close bond with the high school and travel ball teams. We have so many inside jokes and over all really supportive people,” Chase said. Her parents and coaches also keep her determination going. “My dad is always at the field helping out and he never misses my games,” Chase said.  

Although high school sports may only stay with some students in those four years, Chase has a different plan. “I hope to get a scholarship for playing softball to one of the colleges I want to go to,” Chase said. Her dream college is University of Auburn Montgomery. “Every time I’m driving through Alabama, we always stop by the campus. I visit so much, the coaches even know me,” Chase said.  “Natural talent can only get you so far; hard work is what gets you to the next level,” Chase said. She practices every day after school, and does private lessons in the morning before school to help get an upper hand for her future.