Pacesetter Spotlight: Mia Davis


The Pacesetter process begins with a faculty nomination.  The nominees are narrowed down through a vetting process that creates the top 30.  These nominees then complete a rigorous application and interview process, and then the committee chooses the ten Pacesetters.  In the coming days, The Patriot Pages will spotlight each of the Pacesetters.

Four years of dedication to NJROTC has led Mia Davis to serve as a leader in a very demanding organization.

Davis said, “When I first joined ROTC, I was very shy and reserved. I hesitated to speak up, let alone raise my hand. With support from fellow cadets and friends, my confidence grew. Now I have worked my way up to the position of Command Master Chief. In this position, I have been given me the ability to create relationships that I may not have ever had and to connect with not just my fellow peers, but with people in the community. It has shown me how to properly follow leadership which has in turn also shown me how to be a proper leader and mentor.”

Commander Vegler believes that Davis is one of the most motivated, dedicated and loyal cadets that this program has seen in years.

Vegler said, “No task is too small for her to accomplish. Mia is the unit’s Command Master Chief. She directly influences the activities and progression of over 170 cadets. She does an outstanding job managing our unit’s mentoring program and organizing multiple fundraising activities. Mia is one of our key leaders for our nationally ranked drill teams. Mia is also gifted academically as  she is dual enrolled at Locklin College where she is pursuing a certification and career as a Pharmacy Technician.  Mia is all about helping others.”

With her involvement in NJROTC, Davis has been given ample opportunities to participate in many projects within the community. She has achieved more than 250+ hours doing Adopt-A-Highways, Habitat for Humanity, School Clean-Ups, and supporting other schools’ events. Within Peoples Home Health/ Covenant Hospice she has received 350+ hours during high school. These projects include participating and helping run booths at an Alzheimer’s walk, entertaining patients, intake data entry and emergency preparedness during Hurricane Michael.

Davis said, “As a volunteer I get the privilege to be the one there when others need it. One patient that really made me affected me was a 17-year-old boy, who was at the time the same age as me, who was dying with leukemia. It was hard for me because he was not ready to die, and I could tell that he wanted to do so much with so little time left. It broke my heart a lot of times when I talked to the family because I could tell that they wanted to hold onto him for forever. So, I did the best that I could to be present and help them wherever they needed it and simply just talk with them.”

While her list of accomplishments is long, Davis believes the most meaningful school accomplishment is becoming the Command Master Chief of the top ranked unit in the nation.

“Though this accomplishment may seem light, it was a very long and difficult journey to get here. When I first joined ROTC, I went in with the intentions of participating just because all my friends were in it. I was very shy, unathletic, and lacked any self-confidence. Upon completing my first year in the program, the instructors were unsure of me continuing, and as I slowly began to realize this, it made me fight for what I wanted. I started working out more, volunteering in everything I could and connecting with my peers. Beginning to push myself outside of my comfort zone and holding myself to higher standards I slowly rose in the ranks among my peers and made myself noticeable. I am often told that I am one of ROTC’s most memorable success stories. Because of all of this I have grown in this program to become one of the Top 4 cadets and it was because of high morale and dedication,” said Davis.

Davis is certainly a model student who has led the way for others for years to come.

Davis said, “Through high school I have prided myself on maintaining a high GPA with a heavy workload while still encouraging and keeping my positive energy through it all. With this I believe I have set the pace by dedicating myself to be the best me and encouraging and pushing those around me to do the same. One legacy I wish to leave behind is that anyone can gather and connect with others. I wish to influence my peers by telling them not to be afraid to go outside the box and achieve their goals; because no matter what anyone believes you are your biggest obstacle.”