Pacesetter Spotlight: Bethany Crow


The Pacesetter process begins with a faculty nomination.  The nominees are narrowed down through a vetting process that creates the top 30.  These nominees then complete a rigorous application and interview process, and then the committee chooses the ten Pacesetters.  In the coming days, The Patriot Pages will spotlight each of the Pacesetters.

Bethany Crow participated in NHS, Beta, and soccer, but she devoted most of her time to the Pace NJROTC program.

Crow said, “From the very beginning of this club, I knew I wanted to be a part of their leadership group. I knew that I wanted to be able to influence others. I did this by putting everything I could into this group. This rewarded me with the different leadership opportunities of Squad Leader, Guide, Platoon Commander, Team commander and ending with Commanding Officer of the entire unit.”

Through her four years in NJROTC, Crow accumulated a total of 312 community service hours. This was through many different events such as, adopt-a-highway, habitat-for humanity, and family fun night at SSDI School. Her favorite community service occurred over the summer when she was invited back to the school to help teachers set up for the new school year.

“I enjoyed it because I was able to meet and get to know many of our teachers. I did not only earn the hours from all the different services, I was able to learn what it meant to be an outstanding citizen in a community, how to lead a group on a mission, and how to represent Pace High School. However these aren’t my only achievements for community service. As Commanding Officer,  I set the goal for my NJROTC unit to earn a total of 8000 hours of community service. With hard work and perseverance, we were able to achieve this goal,” said Crow.

Because of her extraordinary efforts with NJROTC, Crow was awarded the Legion of Valor Award. This award is given to the top 22 juniors in all the NJROTC in the nation. This was decided based on her academic performance and leadership skills. Accordingly, Crow was also awarded a full scholarship to Southern University NJROTC.  Certainly, Crow has “set the pace” as a student, a person, and a cadet.

Crow said, “As a student, I always try to be the best. I keep my grades up, I turn in all assignments, I make sure to talk to my teachers. As a person, I always try to keep myself from being stuck with one friend group, I put in a conscious effort to get to know everyone, and I always make sure not to allow myself to be influenced in a negative way. I always hold myself to these standards by making decisions to ensure my future. In addition I have set the pace by being the best cadet in the best NJROTC unit in the nation. I am proud to be known as a Pace Patriot and am proud to wear our colors at all school competitions.”

Commader Vegler and First Sergeant Baker hand picked Crow to serve as Commanding Officer over 170 cadets. Vegler said, “Bethany is the heartbeat of our program!  She has led her team in being recognized as the Most Outstanding NJROTC Unit in the United States in 2019.  She is the program’s inspiration and team leader in all aspects of our Drill, Academic and Athletic Teams. Bethany has her hands on everything we do in NJROTC from organizing our annual military inspections down to our mentoring program.”