Pacesetter Spotlight: Erin Ennis


The Pacesetter process begins with a faculty nomination.  The nominees are narrowed down through a vetting process that creates the top 30.  These nominees then complete a rigorous application and interview process, and then the committee chooses the ten Pacesetters.  In the coming days, The Patriot Pages will spotlight each of the Pacesetters.

Valedictorian Erin Ennis has been involved in numerous organizations including Anchor, Debate, Book Club, Biotech, Math Team, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Beta, National Honor Society, and Inner Club Council.  This year she served as the State Anchor Club President, and she has been an integral part of many community service projects.

Ennis said, “Anchor’s Club’s mission is to instill values of Altruism, Noble purpose, Citizenship, Honor, Open-mindedness, and Responsibility in young adults and children internationally. It has given me the platform to serve as a leader and role model. I have had the opportunity to lead and befriend students from all grade levels with different interests and passions, uniting them under a common goal of service. Countless hours and days have been spent planning meetings, writing agendas, and holding conferences with local nonprofit project coordinators.   It was through the Anchor Club that I was elected to the state board first as Parliamentarian then as President-Elect and President. On this board, I had the opportunity to represent my school at the state and international levels. I met Anchors and Pilots (our parent organization) from the Bahamas, Japan, South America, and across the US. In every interaction I was challenged to be a leader and ensure I was a positive reflection of my school and state. These efforts were rewarded when I had the honor of leading a “Community Service and the Media” seminar at the International Convention.  Through this experience, I have learned so much about organization, planning, and delegating duties to my board and assistant coordinators. Nothing in Anchor Club can be accomplished by one person, we are always acting as a team. I am beyond grateful to have led this group of students.”

Ennis believes leadership is the ability to influence others to accomplish a goal. Leadership is doing the right thing when no one is looking, putting in the hard work when there is no credit to be given, and serving as a motivator and inspiration to others.

“To me, leadership is more than a title. Leadership is not given to you when you become the president of a club or captain of a team. You must embody these qualities day in and day out to truly influence others. This definition of leadership is something I practice every day, whether it is leading a debate team through competitions and uncertainty, inspiring my peers to branch out into our community to find causes that touch them, or completing extra credit when an ‘A’ is already secured,” said Ennis.

A teacher nominated Ennis for Pacesetter because, “Erin is currently the number one ranked student in the senior class.  If fact, she’s been ranked number one her entire high school career.  She has a drive atypical of students her age, and she has a passion for learning that inspires me to learn more, too.”