Riley Forbes: Leadership Nominee


Savannah Pugh

Riley Forbes is one of the Leadership Nominees this year for Freshmen Volleyball. Even though, this is her first year playing volleyball at the high school, she has done a lot of camps involving the sport over the last couple of years. Leaders have to have certain qualities to show that they aren’t just regular people and she believes some of these qualities are being patient even when it is difficult, cooperate with the team, and putting others before yourself. “Some of my favorite memories this year are going to the tournament and making memories with the girls,” said Forbes. Coaches play a major role in their athletes’ lives, and they are the ones to nominate their players. Coach Alyssa Larson said, “She loves to laugh and have fun, but she also knows how to put her game face on and is quite the competitor.” Larson also mentioned she can definitely see Forbes being a leader for the future classes. Congratulations Riley, for being a leader on and off the court.