Pride in the Red, White, and Blue


Madison Gilbert, Editor in Chief

Shortly before his senior year began, Logan Gonzales made the decision to go from being a Pace Patriot to a patriot of his country. I joined the army because I am proud of this nation and wanted to serve,” Gonzales said. Gonzales enlisted in the Army Reserves only weeks before his eighteenth birthday. Upon scoring a 92 out of 100 on his ASVAB, he was able to choose almost any career he wanted. “I’m a Bravo 95 wheeled mechanic; they had a shortage in that job, and they gave me a signing bonus because of it,” Gonzales said. After signing, Gonzales traveled to MEPS to be screened for physical fitness and military aptitude. Once he graduates in May 2021, he will ship off to Army Basic Training a week later. “I think the military will progress me as a person and help me get through college,” Gonzales said.