Vacationing During the Pandemic


Griffin Hutto pictured far left, went to Alaska during a Global pandemic.

Emory Schneider, Member

During the pandemic, Griffin Hutto went to Alaska for a family trip. “We went for a family vacation; we got an RV and traveled around all the different cities of Alaska,” Hutto said. Alaska has many things that our small town doesn’t offer. “We went fishing, white water rafted, rode ATV’s, went gold panning, and many nature tours,” Hutto said “My favorite part was the white water rafting,” Hutto said. Along with all these adventures, comes with the safety precautions that follow to make sure that you are staying safe. “I wore a mask the whole time,” Hutto said. Going to a new state means exploring the cities, restaurants, and all the unique sites it has to offer. “We went to this one local restaurant which had a burger called “Stubbs,” it was named after the town mayor’s cat. That was my favorite thing I ate while in all of Alaska,” Hutto said.