Food Raising Friends


Sam Barlow, Blended Editor

These past few months have been uncertain for many people. Some families left with no source of income have worried where their next meal would come from. Many have relied on food pantries recently, and this increased need for action called for many new volunteers for these charities. Erin and Andria Bush have answered the call to help. “My sister and I found out about Food Raising friends from our mom, she works at Baghdad Elementary and the pantry has helped a lot of families there. We wanted to help out this summer,” Erin Bush said. The pantry hands out bags of food to those in need, containing a week’s worth of groceries. Volunteers were mainly needed to assemble and hand out these bags. “We sort-of formed an assembly line in the pantry. One person might handle cans of vegetables, or someone else would do the pasta and sauce. We’d follow behind each other filling as many of these bags as we could. When we filled the right amount, we packed everything up for drop-off. Sometimes we helped at the hand out sites, too.” Erin Bush said. Many struggling families with school-age children rely on school breakfasts and lunches throughout the year. Being so abruptly cut off from these services, combined with the fact that so many people were let go from their jobs, left many concerned about their food sources. “It turned out that lots of people needed help this summer. I was happy to help people in need in my community.” Andria Bush said. Erin and Andria Bush plan to help out in the future and encourage others to do so as well.