Patriot to Soldier

Emma Tetreault, Online Editor

Carrying on a four-year generational military tradition, Samuel Tisdale joined the Army while still in high school. Tisdale is on his last and final stretch of high school and decided to start thinking of a good career path. He came to the conclusion to join the military. “It was a huge decision to make. I had to give up my entire summer and the next for training,” Tisdale said. His prep training was no cakewalk. He is doing intense exercises and playing other sports such as soccer.

Along with the training that goes into being a soldier, he also had to deal with the emotional aspect. “Serving in the Army while still in high school gives me a great sense of pride. Pride and honor also come along with knowing I am serving the country,” Tisdale said. He will finish his last year in high school and leave for his advance individual training at the beginning of summer. One he makes his way in, he plans on making his way to becoming an officer for the Army. His goal is to be able to attend South Alabama next year and go into their ROTC program. His friends and family will send their supportive send-offs when he leaves. He went from a Pace Patriot to a U.S. Soldier.