Happy Birthday from Sally

Emma Tetreault, Online Editor

Hurrican Sally devastated a lot of people in the community. This storm was not messing around when it made landfall on Ainsley Parnells birthday. She turned 17 and celebrated in the dark. “It was kinda disappointing to have my birthday during the hurricane because we couldn’t go anywhere or really celebrate, especially without power,” Parnell said. She didn’t stay without power for long, as it returned that night around 8 pm. Her family made the best of the situation and decided to put their generator to good use. “We used our generator to plug in a griddle so I could make a cheese quesadilla,” Parnell said. She spent the majority of the storm opening gifts and catching up on sleep. “It honestly was a cool experience having two major hurricanes make landfall on my birthday. It makes me feel pretty top-notch, I won’t lie,” Parnell said.