Early Bird Senior Ad Special ends at MIDNIGHT October 2, 2020!


Senior Parents,

The Early Bird Senior Ad sale ends tonight at midnight!

To reserve a senior ad without the correct pictures:  

  1. Make an account on jostensadservice.com 
  2. Select “Order Recognition Ad”
  3. Select the size you want and choose a template.
  4. Upload placeholder images (these can be any .jpg file – actual images of your student or generic images from the web). We will replace these later.
  5. Enter student name and in the text box enter “PLACEHOLDER PICTURES. WILL REPLACE LATER.”  
  6. Select “Preview and Buy.” There is a message that says no further edits will be possible – don’t let this scare you. You can’t edit any more on your end, but we can as we place the ads on the pages. Every ad will be edited to elevate it from the generic templates, so we will be looking closely at each ad before publication.
  7. Complete the checkout process. This will accept your payment and reserve your spot.
  8. Email us at [email protected] to state that you have purchased an ad with placeholder images. We will be in touch, and you can send your real images to that email when they come available.